Clutch and Cambelt Replacement

Not replacing your cam belt (also known as a timing belt) when it’s due can lead to major engine problems that cost a lot to fix. If you have a service book with your vehicle, cam belt replacement will be specified for a particular odometer reading. If you don’t have a service book, talk to us – we know when cam belts need replacing for every make and model.

With most vehicles 100,000 kms is the magic number. Replacing a cam belt can cost as little as $250, but repairing the damage caused by a broken cam belt can be well over $2000. It really is a case of ‘a stitch in time saves nine’.

If you drive a manual vehicle, regular clutch checks are important for happy motoring. If your clutch is getting worn, you might notice that it slips when you’re going uphill or when you hit the accelerator. You’ll hear the engine racing like it’s not in gear. Clutch replacements are straightforward at Five Star Automotive Services and we’ll provide an accurate costing before we start work.

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