Brakes and Shock Absorbers

Nothing impacts car safety and handling more than brakes and shock absorbers, so it’s vital to keep them in good health. Regular checks are important, because prevention is always a better strategy than waiting for a problem.

Maybe you’ve noticed some symptoms: Are your brakes squeaking or screeching when you use them? Does your steering wheel judder? Are your brakes pulling right or left instead of straight ahead? If any of these things are happening to your vehicle, you should definitely see us for a check.

Shock absorbers can also affect braking. If they’re worn you might notice that your vehicle isn’t cornering as well as it used to, or it might bounce a lot when you go through a pot hole. Nose-diving when braking is another symptom of shock absorber wear.

Tyres are also a factor that you should consider. If they’re getting low on tread or the wear is all on one side, they may need replacement or switching around.

Talk to the team at Five Star Automotive Services for good advice. We can suggest the best approach to preventative maintenance and repairs within your budget.

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